Bristaa Cream-the Best Creams For Skin Lightening Without Side Effects

 Best alternate cream for skinlite cream without side effects 

  • After usage of the steroid cream, our skin will become darker. To remove darkness on the face this Bristaa cream will help 
  • This Bristaa cream can use anybody not only steroid affected persons but also who really want fair skin without any side effects I will recommend  Bristaa cream is best
  • This cream gives one or two shades of fairness to our skin. But to get shaded skin will take some time 
  • By using Bristaa cream we will get Permanent fair skin this fairness we won’t loos like steroid creams.
  • This is not a promotional article I used this cream personally and I got the result.
  • So I am just sharing my personal experience, so please you need not buy this product by my words please check once a while and buy a good product

  • product Description:-

Bristaa Cream 20 Gm Is An Advanced Skin Brightening Cream Used To Lighten Up Your Face On Regular Application. Bristaa Cream’s Ingredients Are Completely Steroid-free And Are Suitable For Both Men And Women.

If You Often Find Yourself Out In The Heat And Dust, Or Sun, Too Often, And Come Home To Unwanted Redness And Dark Spots, Then This Is The Product For You. This Steroid-free Skin Brightening Formula Evens Out Skin Tone By Reducing Blemishes, Dark Spots And Redness That Is Caused Due To Exposure To Sun Or Pollutants, And, In Some Cases, Due To Hormonal Fluctuations.

How To Use:-

Recommended Dosage: Twice Daily, After Washing The Face.


It contains Aqua, Olive Butter, Citrus Lemon Fruit Extracts, Cucumber, Agipol 305, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Brightenyl, Dermofeel Glyceryl Stearate Citrate, Unitamuron H-22, Flashwhite Unispheres, Versatile Pc, Xanthan Gum, Dermofeel Pa-3, Triethanolamine.
Best alternate creams for skinlite cream
Bristaa cream

    BILUMA CREAM- Best cream for skin problems

    Best cream for skin problems 

    The best alternative cream for skin problems. This is far better than skin lite cream. You can use Biluma cream this daily this cream will clear skin problems 100%. But Biluma cream also has Some side effects. I will explain Those also.

    What is  Biluma Cream:-

    • It is used to lighten or for depigmentation of the skin in cases of tanned skin. Rashes, itching, and burning sensation are some of the less commonly seen side effects seen withBiluma cream when applied in more than the prescribed amount. It should be totally avoided in case of allergic reactions and sensitive skin


    biluma cream
    biluma cream
    Biluma cream

    Biluma CreamComposition: 

    • Kojic Acid dipalmitate, 

    • Arbutin, 

    • Liquorice, 

    • Mulberry extract,

    • Tetrahydrocurcumin,

    • Artocarpus extracts.

    Manufactured by: Galderma India Pvt Ltd

    Prescription: Not required as it is available as (Over the Counter) OTC drug.

    Form: Cream.
    Price: Rs. 437/- for 1 pack of 15 gm tube.

    Expiry/Shelf Life: 2 years from the date of manufacturing
    Type of Drug: Antipigmentation

    Biluma cream Available stores 

    Biluma cream available in medpluse stores and at any dermatologist pharma stores

    Fruits-Best Fruits and food to get healthy skin from damaged skin

    “Best Fruits to get healthy skin from damaged skin” 

    To recover skin to normal healthy state The Doctor suggested some food categories which helps me a lot in the skin recovery process. These items can eat anybody. This food will keep your skin healthy and glow  

    1)Orange and yellow color fruits and vegetable 

    These bright colored fruits and vegetables contain zeaxanthin, flavonoids, lycopene, potassium, vitamin C and beta-carotene, which is vitamin A.
    There are so many orange and yellow color fruits  such as

             Oranges Fruits,     Grapefruit Fruits,       Lemons Fruits,        Ugli Fruits,         Pummels,         Bananas,       Apricots,       Nectarines,         Persimmons,         Mango Fruits,         Peache Fruits,         Cantaloupe,         Pineapple,         Papaya Fruits,  Star fruits.


    Theses fruits will help to remove dead skin and help to grow New healthy skin on our body. These fruits contain antioxidants which prevent skin from bacteria 

    2) Eat daily one egg and Drink one glass of milk

    Best Fruits and  food to get healthy skin from damaged skin

    3)Eat seafood only such as fish, prawns 

    Best Fruits and  food to get healthy skin from damaged skin

    4)Must Eat Greenleaf Vegetables

    Best Fruits and  food to get healthy skin from damaged skin

    5)If possible eat raw vegetables 

    Best Fruits and  food to get healthy skin from damaged skin

    6)Must take 4 almonds and sprouts daily in the morning 

    Best Fruits and  food to get healthy skin from damaged skin
    Best Fruits and  food to get healthy skin from damaged skin
    The above-mentioned Fruits is just primary food we have to at any seasonal fruits items

    Medicine-My medicine details of skin recovery treatment from skinlite cream side effects

    My medicine details of skin recovery treatment from skinlite cream side effects


    • What I’m mentioning here is to inform the planet how I recovered and what medicine I used in the treatment But not for you guys follow this medicine.
    • Please don’t use this medicine, first consult a good a doctor and he will suggest medicine depend on your state of severity 
    • This information is only for educational purposes, not for personal use.

    Primary stage:- primary stage medicine is very important in the skin recovery process

    1)Baby soap:-  Daily 3 times wash with this soap


    2)Aziderm cream:- Daily twice night before bedtime and morning-after face wash

    3)Acrofy lotion:- Use this face wash at morning and evening 
    4)Photo ban sunscreen lotion:- Apply this thick layer At Morning and Afternoon  
    the above-mentioned medicine I followed regularly one-half month. After complete this medicine, I went to the hospital for a second term medicine. By that time my face recovered half

    secondary stage:- The secondary stage medicine also more important.

    1)Depiwhite peel of mask:- Use this weekly once
    2)Depiwhite cream:- Daily twice
    And use Sunscreenloation same what I discussed within the primary stage

    3.Third Stage:- By using this medicine our face maximum recovered completely

    1)Miss D sun  sunscreen lotion:- Use this sunscreen daily morning and afternoon and once you leave home You’ve got to use this cream compulsory



    the above medicine I used three months continuously then I recovered completely with none any damage my skin 

    Skinlite Cream – Price and Available stores

    1. Skinlite Cream – Price and Available stores 

    • In the present market, we have many skin whitening products that are available in pharma stores easily. Among those one of the Products is SKINLITE CREAM
    Skinlite Cream
    Skinlite Cream

    skinlite cream Specification


      Zydus Liva


          Skin Purpose

            Packaging Size

              20 gm

                Product Type




                        Shelf Life

                          6 Months

                            Product Description

                            Skinlite Cream is used for Acne, Melasma, Acne vulgaris, Age spots, Lightens light brown color patches on the skin, Wrinkles, and other conditions.


                            It cost around Rs 250/-

                            Available stores

                            This skinlite cream product is available in any medical store.

                            That is the worst part. they not even asking prescription they are simply giving the skinlite cream